Special Districts
The Manhasset-Lakeville Water District taxes account for only 25% of our total revenue. The average water tax in Manhasset is about $200 per year, which equates to less than 2% of a typical property tax bill. Nevertheless, the media's attack on our Special District continues, often filled with half truths and misleading information. Town law sets district election dates, the Town Board approves our budgets, and our operations are governed by New York State. Unlike your Federal, State, and County taxes, your water tax goes directly to support your water system operations and improvements. Do you know where your County, State, and Federal tax dollars go? They become part of the general revenue fund where politicians and special interest groups fight it out for a piece of the pie.
Professional Services
Recently the Nassau County Comptroller has stated that he, along with the State and County District Attorneys, are following up on the investigation into Special Districts that have placed legal or engineering personnel on their payrolls. We, your Board of Commissioners, want to assure you that we do not place anyone providing professional services on our payroll as a District employee.

Every year the Board conducts negotiations with legal and engineering firms to determine the best contract price for the residents of the District. Contracts between the Board of Commissioners and the professional firms we hire to work on behalf of the District are signed yearly.