Hydrant Maintenance Program

The District maintains over 1,300 fire hydrants spaced approximately five hundred feet apart. The MLWD BOC recently adopted a policy that allows damaged hydrants to be repaired on an emergency basis within twenty-four hours.

The District typically replaces ten to twenty hydrants a year of which about half may require the assistance of an outside contractor. A typical hydrant installation costs around $5,000. In certain conditions, such as major roadway installations, the cost of a new hydrant can exceed $20,000 due to roadway repair requirements. The District is currently under contract with an outside firm for the painting, greasing, and inspection of our hydrants.


Safety Reminder
Help us Help You!
Consumers are reminded to keep
clear the fire hydrants outside their home.
This means shoveling snow in the winter and
keeping shrubs clear in the summer.
Precious minutes count.