The MLFD would like to offer some summer fire safety advice
and clarify our emergency alerting system for the volunteer
membership of the Manhasset-Lakeville Volunteer Fire Department.


Summer Fire Safety Tips

The summer season is quickly approaching, and the main event in many backyards is the family cookout using a barbeque fueled by propane gas (LPG). The following are some helpful guidelines for the safe use of propane fueled barbeques:

It is violation of the law to transport a propane (LPG) cylinder in the trunk of a passenger vehicle.

When transporting a filled cylinder, it should be placed on the floor of the vehicle, always in the upright position and with all windows open.

The cylinder should be removed from the vehicle as quickly as possible and should NEVER be left in a parked vehicle.

Prior to igniting your barbeque grill, check that all fittings are tight and that there are no leaks.

Leaks in the system can be checked by using a dish soap solution in a spray bottle:

  • Turn tank on
  • Apply solution and observe for air bubbles
  • Make necessary adjustments

Ensure that your barbeque grill is free of excessive grease and that hot grease is not dripping on supply hoses or on the propane cylinder.

NEVER use a natural gas, propane gas or solid fuel burning barbeque grill inside of any structure!!

NEVER store spare cylinders, whether full or possibly empty, inside of any structure. Store outside in a cool shaded area, avoiding direct sun. It is a violation of the law to store propane (LPG) cylinders inside of any structure!

Dispatch Alerting System

The Manhasset-Lakeville Volunteer Fire Department dispatch alerting system contains many components which include the emergency dispatcher, pagers, and the ever present fire sirens/horns. Each of these has an important role in alerting the volunteer members of your Fire Department to an emergency.

The emergency dispatcher and our member’s pagers are the components that never seem to invoke concern from the citizens of our Fire District, but the siren/horn is an unavoidable daily reminder of our alerting system. These sirens/ horns may seem like an old dinosaur from an outdated alerting mechanism, but they are due to NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) regulation standards, a required and current part of our alerting system. The Fire District and Chief’s Office of the Fire Department have taken many steps over the past few years to scale back the siren/horn activation to limited hours of the day from the original 24/7 activation of years past. While updated technology has replaced many parts of our fire fighting past, the siren/horn alerting system is our required back up alerting system and it is here to stay for the immediate future.

As always, we are available to answer your questions and serve you 24/7 with the professional volunteer members of your Manhasset-Lakeville Volunteer Fire Department.

Stay safe and enjoy your summer,

Michael F. Uttaro
First Deputy Chief


programmed to (516) 466-4411


Safety Reminder Help us Help You!
Consumers are reminded to keep clear the fire hydrants outside their home. This means shoveling snow in the winter and keeping shrubs clear in the summer. Precious minutes count.

Your cooperation will help the fire department locate hydrants faster during an emergency situation.

In addition, please contact the District should you suspect any unauthorized use of our hydrants.