Facts About MLWD

The Manhasset-Lakeville Water District serves 10,000 residential and 600 commercial customers in a 10.2 square mile area.

The estimated population within the District is 45,000

The District's average annual pumpage is 2.49 billion gallons.

Average daily winter usage is 5.0 million gallons.

Average daily summer usage is 13.0 million gallons.

Average daily usage is 7.4 million gallons.

Maximum daily usage has topped 18.3 million gallons.

In case of an emergency, the District has six interconnections with our neighboring districts.... Port Washington, the Water Authority of Great Neck North, Albertson, Garden City Park and the Western Nassau Water Authority.

Every gallon of water consumed by District users is metered and recorded by computer and billed accordingly.

The Manhasset-Lakeville Water District is one of the oldest public water suppliers on Long Island, having been established in 1911.

North Shore University Hospital is the largest water user in the district.

The Manhasset-Lakeville Water District is served by 18 wells, six treatment plants, two elevated storage tanks, two underground storage tanks and 20 employees.

All of our water comes from underground wells. Unlike New York City, Long Island does not use reservoir water nor have a surface water system.